Celebrating, Supporting and Expanding Canada’s Hedge Fund Industry


The annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards are a quantitative measure, based solely on performance to June 30th, as calculated by Fundata. A total of 203 unique Canadian hedge funds will be considered for a 2017 CHFA, and are shown in alphabetical order, by category, here: Canadian HF Directory.


Eligibility requirements for hedge funds to be considered for an Award:

  • must be domiciled in Canada
  • must have a track record of at least 1 year to June 30th
  • must be in CAD
  • the majority of underlying securities must be marked-to-market

The CHFAs are categorized by fund strategy as follows:

Equity Focused

Funds that employ primarily equity investment strategies including  Long/Short Equity, Event Driven, Convertible Arbitrage, Relative Value, Statistical Arbitrage and REITs. Fixed income investments are usually less than 30% of the Fund’s portfolio. Funds with the majority of securities not marked-to-market are excluded (ie Private Equity funds are not eligible).

Market Neutral

Funds that seek to generate absolute positive returns entirely from security selection, not market exposure. The Fund seeks to remain “Market Neutral” by investing in long and short positions with low correlation to other asset classes. Shorts are used primarily for hedging rather than alpha generation.

Credit Focused

Funds that employ primarily fixed income investment strategies. Equity investments are usually no more than 30% of the Fund’s portfolio. Funds with the majority of securities not marked-to-market are excluded (ie Private Debt funds are not eligible).

Global Macro/Managed Futures/ Multi Strategy

Global Macro are funds that employ strategies – such as long and short positions in various equity, fixed income, currency, and futures markets – primarily on overall economic and political, “Macro-economic” views of various countries.  Multi-Strat are funds that employ several strategies within the same pool of assets and Managed Futures are funds that invest primarily in futures and options with exposure to a number of markets such as commodities, energy, agriculture and currency.

Based on performance to June 30th, 2017,  the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards measurements for each category were:

  • Best 1 year return
  • Best 5-year average annual compound return
  • Best 5-year Sharpe Ratio

       Best Overall Canadian Hedge Fund:

(Combining best 10-year average annual compound return AND Best 10-year Sharpe Ratio, this award recognizes longevity as well as performance. Just 47 Canadian hedge funds currently have this tenure.)

Managers’ Choice Awards:

Based on voting by participating Canadian Hedge Fund managers, awards are also presented each year to top service providers. In 2017 the following “Managers Choice CHFAs” were presented:

  • Top Canadian Hedge Fund Administrator     –   SGGG Fund Services
  • Top Canadian Prime Broker                            –   CIBC Capital Markets
  • Top Canadian Law Firm                                  –   McMillan LLP
  • Top Canadian Accounting Firm                      –   KPMG LLP