Celebrating, Supporting and Expanding Canada’s Hedge Fund Industry

For Hedge Fund Companies

Alternative IQ is dedicated to celebrating, supporting and expanding Canada’s hedge fund industry. We offer 2 options to connect hedge fund companies with the right people: a basic job posting facility whereby you post a position and candidates respond directly to you, and a full service recruitment package which is tailored to your particular needs. Either way, you will discover the advantage of recruiting through Alternative IQ where your company and position are presented to those candidates who are uniquely qualified and specifically interested in a career in Canada’s hedge fund industry.

Job Posting Service

Click here to quickly and easily post the position for which you are recruiting. Your position will be posted on the Alternative IQ website under Current Job Postings where it will be viewed by job seekers who regularly check this site. It will also be emailed to those on our growing list of candidates who are specifically seeking a position at a Canadian hedge fund company.

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Full Service Recruiting Packages

Alternative IQ can help you save time and reduce the chance of a mediocre or bad hire by having a dedicated, full time team of professionals working collaboratively on your search. You will get better information (as candidates are generally more honest with recruitment professionals), receive a broader range of high calibre candidates (since we will actively search to find thosecandidates), and get valuable insight into the current candidate market environment. Our service offering will be custom tailored for you, based on your specifications, and you can rest assured our fee arrangements offer Canada’s hedge fund companies a preferred rate, well below industry averages.

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