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The Hedge Fund Directory is provided by  , Principal Sponsor of the Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards. To be eligible for a CHFA, being a client of Fundata is NOT a requirement; however, you must ensure that Fundata receives your monthly performance data and quarterly Fund Facts sheets. If you have questions or would like to be sure your fund is included, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and give us a call or send us an email.

2016 Top Contenders             2016 CHFA Winners

Average Performance to June 30, 2016
By Category 1 Yr Return 5 Yr Return 5 Yr Sharpe Ratio
Credit Focused 2.49% 5.02% 1.01
Equity Focused -3.57% 1.51% 0.35
Market Neutral 1.53% 6.26% 0.92
Global Macro/Managed Futures/Multi-Strategy 0.69% 2.80% 0.25
All 183 Hedge Funds included in the 2016 CHFAs -1.15% 2.73% 0.47

The following is an alphabetical listing of all 208 Hedge Funds being considered for a 2017 Canadian Hedge Fund Award in their respective categories: Credit Focused, Equity Focused, Market Neutral, Global Macro/ Managed Futures/Multi Strategy.

Credit Focused

Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund LP
Alignvest Partners Fund
Aurion Income Opportunities Fund
Blair Franklin Global Credit Fund
Dynamic Credit Absolute Return Fund
East Coast Investment Grade Fund II (Arrow)
East Coast Performance Fund LP
Ewing Morris Flexible Fixed Income Fund LP
Fiera Capital Income Opportunities Fund
Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund
Goodwood Milford Fund
Lawrence Park Credit Strategies Fund
Lawrence Park Enhanced Preferred Fund
Lazard Global Credit Fund II
LOGIQ Credit Opportunities Fund
Marret Enhanced Tactical Fixed Income Fund
Marret High Grade Hedge Fund
Marret High Yield Fund
Marret Investment Grade Hedged Strategies Fund
Norrep Enhanced Credit Fund
NorthStream Credit Strategies Fund LP
Palos IOU High Yield Fund
Picton Mahoney Income Opportunities Fund
Picton Mahoney Special Situations Fund
Raven Rock Income II Fund
RP Debt Opportunities Fund
RP Fixed Income Plus
RP Select Opportunities Fund
Sprott Convertible Strategies Trust
Sprott Credit Income Opportunities Fund
Venator Income Fund
YTM Capital Credit Opportunities Fund

Equity Focused

Agilith North American Diversified Fund
Alignvest Income Fund Trust
AlphaNorth Partners Fund
Anson Investments Master Fund LP
Aston Hill Opportunities Fund
Aventine Canadian Equity (“ACE”) Fund
Barometer Long Short Equity Pool
Bloom Burton Canadian Healthcare Fund LP
BloombergSen Partners Fund
BMO Canadian Alpha Plus Fund
BMO Global Business High Income Fund
Broadview Dark Horse Long/Short Fund (Arrow)
Broadview Dark Horse LP (Ewing Morris & Co.)
Brompton Energy Opportunities Fund
BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund LP
BT Global Growth Fund LP
Calrossie Partners Fund
Canoe Energy Alpha Fund LP
Celernus Absolute Growth Fund
CI Global Opportunities Fund
DKAM Capital Ideas Fund
Dynamic Alpha Performance Fund
Dynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund
East West Canada Fund LP
EHP Advantage Fund
EHP Select Fund
Ewing Morris Opportunities Fund LP
Exemplar Canadian Focus Portfolio
Fiera Long Short Equity Fund
Forge First Long Short LP
Formula Growth Focus Fund
Formula Growth Global Opportunities Fund
Formula Growth Hedge Fund
FrontFour Opportunity Fund
Galliant Equity Long/Short Fund LP
GFI Good Opportunities Fund
GFM 130/30 Fund
Globevest Capital Alternative Growth Fund
Globevest Capital Balanced Fund
Goodwood Fund
Goodwood SPValue Fund
Grafton Absolute Resource Company LP
Highstreet Global Equity Fund
Hillsdale Canadian Long/Short Equity Fund
Hillsdale Global Long Short Fund
Hirsch Performance Fund
JC Clark Adaly Fund
JC Clark Focused Opportunities Fund
JC Clark Patriot Trust
JC Clark Preservation Trust
Jemekk Long/Short Fund LP
Jemekk Total Return Fund LP
King & Victoria Fund LP
Landry Global Equity Long/Short Fund
Lightwater Long/Short
Lightwater Nimble Fund
Lionguard Opportunities Fund
LOGIQ Canadian Energy Resource Fund
LOGIQ Energy Opportunities Fund
LOGIQ Hedge Fund
LOGIQ Select Equity Fund
Loubani Fund I LP
Maxam Diversified Strategies Fund
MMCap Canadian Fund
NewGen Trading Fund LP
onTREND Fund
Pender Select Ideas Fund
Peregrine Investment Management Fund LP
Picton Mahoney Concentrated Opportunistic Long Short Fund
Picton Mahoney Global Long Short Equity Fund
Picton Mahoney Global Long Short Resource Fund
Picton Mahoney Long Short Emerging Markets Fund
Picton Mahoney Long Short Equity Fund
Polar Long/Short Fund (Canada)
Polar Micro-Cap Fund
Portland Focused Plus Fund
Portland Focused Plus Fund LP
Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund
Radin Global Opportunities Fund Fund
Rayne Capital Opportunity Fund
Red Sky Income Fund LP
Red Sky Unconstrained Fund LP
Rivemont Absolute Return Fund
Sherpa Diversified Returns Fund
SMI Defensive LP
Sprott Bull/Bear RSP Fund
Sprott Enhanced Long Short Equity Fund
Sprott Hedge Fund LP
Sprott Hedge Fund LP II
Stephenson & Company North American Opportunity Fund LP
Sui Generis Canada Partners LP
Teraz Fund
The K2 Principal Trust
Trident Global Opportunities Fund
Vantage Protected Performance Fund
Venator Founders Fund
Venator Select Fund
Vertex Fund
Vertex Managed Value Portfolio
Vision Opportunity Fund LP
Vision Strategic Opportunity Fund LP
WARATAH Income Fund
WARATAH Performance Fund
Wealhouse Panorama Fund, LP

Market Neutral

Amethyst Arbitrage Fund (Canada)
CC&L Diversified Market Neutral Fund
CC&L Market Neutral Fund
CC&L Q Global Market Neutral
Celernus Equity Neutral Fund
Curvature LP
Curvature Market Neutral Fund (Arrow)
EHP Guardian Fund
FDP Market Neutral Private Portfolio
Fiera Market Neutral Equity Fund
Formula Growth Alpha Fund
GFM Market Neutral Fund
HGC Arbitrage Fund LP
Norrep Market Neutral Income Fund
PCJ Absolute Return
Picton Mahoney Global Market Netural Equity Fund
Picton Mahoney Market Neutral Equity Fund
Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund
SG US Market Neutral Fund
Sherpa Market Neutral Income Fund
Vertex Arbitrage Fund

Global Macro/Managed Futures/Multi-Strategy

Acorn Diversified Trust
AIP Global Macro Fund LP
Alignvest Opportunities Fund Trust
Arrow Global Growth Fund
Auspice Diversified Trust
Auspice Managed Futures LP
Aventine Stable Income Fund
Barometer Global Macro Pool
CC&L Absolute Return Fund
Claret Global Multi-Asset Fund
Crystalline Emerald Global Macro Fund
Curvature Mulit-Strategy Fund (Arrow)
Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund
Dynamic Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Exemplar Diversified Portfolio
FDP Alternative Strategies Private Portfolio
Forge First Multi Strategy LP
Fort Investment Global Diversified
Hillsdale Enhanced Income Fund
IBV Capital Global Value Canadian Feeder Fund
Inflection Strategic Opportunities Fund
J. Zechner Associates Inc. Global Hedged Growth Fund
JM Catalyst Fund
Kensington Hedge Fund 1
Libertas Focused Fund LP
Libertas Real Asset Opportunities Fund
MacNicol & Associates Absolute Return Fund
MacNicol & Associates Alternative Asset Trust
Majestic Altervest Absolute REIT Fund
Majestic Evolution Fund
Majestic Global Diversified Fund
Manulife Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund
Next Edge AHL Fund
Palos Income Fund, LP
PH&N Absolute Return Fund
Picton Mahoney Diversified Strategies Fund
Polar Multi Strategy Fund (Canada)
Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund
Ross Smith Opportunities Fund
SMI Opportunities LP
Stratigis Uber Strategies Fund LP
Sun Life Multi-Strategy Target Return Fund
Topaz Multi Strategy Fund
WFC Opportunities Trust

The Hedge Fund Directory is provided by  , Principal Sponsor of the Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards program. To be eligible for a CHFA, being a client of Fundata is NOT a requirement; however, you must ensure that Fundata receives your monthly performance data and quarterly Fund Facts sheets.

If you have questions or would like to be sure your fund is included, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and give us a call or send us an email.