Celebrating, Supporting and Expanding Canada’s Hedge Fund Industry

CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conferences

At Alternative IQ, we’re dedicated to celebrating, supporting and helping to expand Canada’s hedge fund industry.  The annual CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conference, where award-winning hedge fund managers present to investors, advisors, and the media, is one of the best ways we do that.

These are exclusive events featuring award-winning hedge fund managers. This  informative session includes presentations and panel-discussions as an opportunity for investment advisors, accredited individual investors, institutional investors, and hedge fund industry experts to hear from some of Canada’s brightest and best hedge fund managers.

The CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conference 2022

(featuring Canadian 2021 Hedge Fund Award Winners)

took place at the prestigious Albany Club in downtown Toronto
Tuesday, March 8, 2022
2:00pm – 5:00pm

The filmed version of this event continues to be available for viewing by registered delegates. 

These are exclusive events, by invitation only. If you are an accredited investor, an investment advisor, an institutional investor or consultant and would like to attend future CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conferences, please contact:

Julie Makepeace, Managing Director, Alternative IQ at 416-906-3782 or by email at jmakepeace@alliancesalesandmarketing.com