Celebrating, Supporting and Expanding Canada’s Hedge Fund Industry

CHFA Winners Showcase 2024 Investor Conference

A Half-Day Investor Conference
Featuring Canada’s 2023 Award-Winning Hedge Funds

The Albany Club
91 King Street East, Toronto

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Watch Online

(Attendance at this Event was by Invitation Only)

Presenting these Award-Winning Managers:

  • Edward Barnicke, President, and
    Paul Campbell, Managing Partner
    Level 3 Investment Management
    (1st Place Winner in 2023 for Best 1-year return and
    2nd Place Winner for Best 3-year and Best 5-year return and
    Best 3-year Sharpe ratio in the Global Macro/Multi-Strategy/Managed Futures category.)
  • Louise Morwick, Portfolio Manager, Silvercreek Management
    (With 2 award-winning funds in 2023:
    1st Place Winner for Best 3-year and Best 5-year Sharpe ratio in the Equity Focused category and
    1st Place Winner for Best 3-year return and Best 5-year return in the Global Macro/Multi-Strategy/Managed Futures category)
  • Mike Woollatt, Head of Canada, Hamilton Lane
    (1st Place Winner in 203 for Best 1-year return in the Private Equity category)

This conference will be fast-paced, engaging, and entertaining. Our panel of industry experts will interview each of the presenting hedge fund managers in a sort of ‘Dragons Den’ format.

Our “Investors’ Inquiry” Panel:

Event MC:

  • Julie Makepeace
    Managing Director,
    Alternative IQ

If you are an accredited investor, an investment advisor, an institutional investor or consultant, and are interested in attending future CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conferences, please contact: Julie Makepeace, Managing Director, Alternative IQ at 416-906-3782 or by email at jmakepeace@alliancesalesandmarketing.com.